Trusts, in particular Revocable Living Trusts, are becoming more and more popular with clients as a probate avoidance tool. Of course Trusts have a multitude of other uses and benefits, but most clients share a common goal to avoid probate altogether after hearing about another person's probate nightmare. As probate attorneys, we can assure you, first, that the probate nightmares one hears about are more often the exception rather than the rule. But it is very true that a properly crafted, funded, and maintained Trust can avoid probate altogether and keep the associated costs and amount of time to administer an estate down to a minimum. This can be especially true when a client owns real estate (including timeshares) situated in more than one State, or when particular family situations may create other considerations.

During an estate planning consultation with a Henderson Sachs attorney, our goal is to make clients discussing a Trust confident in understanding how they properly work, what the associated terms (craft, fund, maintain… used above) mean, and how to properly use the Trust itself. Though each client's needs vary, when required our attorneys and paralegals often assist clients by coordinating the Trust planning process with the client's other advisors (financial, tax), to make certain that everyone the client is entrusting with the jobs of guiding financial and legal decisions is working in the same direction.

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