Small Business Representation

Henderson Sachs, P.A. is uniquely staffed to represent business owners in the negotiating of sophisticated business contracts, as well as in the enforcement or defense of those same documents.  Our client base is diverse, with numerous clients involved in various phases of real estate acquisition, construction, and franchising, as well as with service providers, printers, and entertainment companies.

Regardless of the industry, Henderson Sachs, P.A. is acutely aware that it is the bottom line that is important to businesses of any size—a pyric victory is of little value—and our representation is anchored in our client's full understanding of the probable outcome of any particular matter, not just whether or not a contract is enforceable or a position is defensible.

Real Estate and Construction

Henderson Sachs, P.A. has significant real estate experience.  In addition to its founding members' ownership of Florida Titlesmith, LLC, a local title insurance company, the Firm has negotiated short sales, real estate contracts, financing, evictions, foreclosure matters, and has prosecuted title dispute claims involving both commercial and residential real estate, as well as a myriad of other matters, both common and esoteric.

Henderson Sachs, P.A. has specialized construction law experience as well, and is familiar with the very specific time frames and precise requirements of construction law, including the filing and defending of construction liens.  This practice, like the rest of our transactional practice, recognizes the strength of litigation while never forgetting the power of negotiation.

The experience of Henderson Sachs, P.A. provides a unique outlook to effectively represent its clients in most every facet of real estate acquisition, financing, development, and ownership.

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