Homeowners' Associations and Condominium Associations

Homeowners' Associations and Condominium Associations ("Associations") in Florida have suffered greatly during the Great Recession.  Many have languished due to the lack of timely payment of assessments, further impacting real estate prices negatively.  To make matters worse, many law firms offering Associations advice do not understand the unique structure or the intricacies of the specific Association laws.  As a result, many Associations do not gain from the numerous laws that exist for their benefit.

We understand that Associations in Florida are not-for-profit corporations and do not budget significant sums to legal matters.  As a result, we at Henderson Sachs, P.A. offer a different solution: with an in-depth understanding of the limitations and challenges faced by Association Boards—often individuals who volunteer their time for such purpose—we provide cost-conscious services that often allow for the deferment of a portion of our fees.

Like all legal matters, knowledge is power and Associations—now more than ever—need to understand their rights and their responsibilities under the law.  In our opinion, this means that the Association Board must be able to have an open dialogue with its attorneys and Henderson Sachs, P.A. provides just that.  Whether it is a question related to Florida Statute Section 718 or 720, the Association's ARB, or a violation of a Declaration covenant, Henderson Sachs, P.A. provides responsive, informative service at a cost that most Associations find refreshing.

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