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Question: Someone just knocked at my door, asked me my name and handed me legal documents regarding my house. What do I do now?

Answer: Call us right away. More than likely you have been, “served” by a process server. You have a short  time to respond after which your options will become very limited. It is crucial that you respond to that document to ensure your rights are protected.

Question: I recently moved to Florida; I had a will in my last state--do I need a new one, now that I am here?

Answer: Call us and we can discuss.  The short answer is that your prior documnet is still valid, but may cause confusion and delay; best practice is to have a new documnet properly executed according to Florida law.  Furthermore, we will discuss additional estate planning documnets, such as a living will and powers of attorney that may well be even more important to you and your family.

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